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Baja Burst
A fusion of tropical fruit flavors with an effervescence that makes it taste just like the popular s..
Banana Cream
A yummy ambrosia of bananas and whipped cream. This flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth without bei..
Cherry Limeade
A must try flavor. Cherry Limeade has the intense sweetness of cherry with the tangy bite of lime. S..
A mouth-watering combination of raspberry and hints of blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry make th..
One of the most popular flavors in the e-cigarette world is RY4. This full-bodied tobacco flavor inc..
Blueberry Kona Coffee
As strange as it may sound, you've got to give this flavor a try! Blueberry Kona Coffee gives you th..
French Vanilla
This flavor is like biting into a deliciously sweet vanilla cupcake! One of our top 5 customer favor..
This is a sweet grape flavor that tastes close to a Jolly Rancher. Its got a lot of sweetness paired..
Mango Peach
A fresh splash of citrus and sweetness makes this flavor a fan favorite! It's crisp, fruity flavor w..
Menthol Breeze
Menthol Breeze is just that. A cool, clean burst of refreshing vapor that packs a punch to your tast..
Piña Colada
The perfect mix of coconut and pineapple! Our flavor makers became true mixologists to create the ul..
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